Wednesday, 16 November 2011

SEO Experts Academy - Real Traffic In Demand

From Matt Carter and Terry Kyle...

If you struggle to get traffic to your websites, whether affiliate sites, Google Adsense, Ecommerce, your clients sites etc...that's about to change, and ALLyour traffic problems are soon to be solved forever.
We're going to share with you a foolproof system for driving huge waves of consistent traffic to any website, even if you have failed at every attempt to get traffic to your sites and make money online.
Most online marketers struggle to get traffic to their sites, and as a result their sites make hardly any money. But it doesn't have to be that way, because once you know how to 'crack' the search engines like Google, traffic comes easy, and your websites turn into cash producing machines, day after day, year after year.
After making our first million online, thanks to mastering SEO, we soon realized how easy this is, and decided to reveal our rock solid SEO Masterplan that allows anyone to siphon unstoppable amounts of traffic from the search engines, to their sites and create passive income online.

What If You Could Quickly Quadruple Your Traffic?

Stop for a moment and think...what if you could easily double the amount of traffic you were getting to your websites? What if you could easily quadruple that traffic?
It's not as hard as you may think. The problem that most online marketers face, when it comes to getting free traffic to their sites, is that they waste precious time and energy on completely useless SEO strategies that don't work.
If you cut through the garbage and ONLY and do what is proven to work, AND what search engines like Google look for, you'll find SEO traffic generation a breeze...and that's exactly what we are can help you do.
There's an exponentially growing number of people who want to get in on making the internet their source of wealth, and who can blame them really, there's no better way to make a living than from passive income online!!!
However, with more and more people wanting to make this lifestyle theirs, this means more and more people are competting to get to the top of Google.
Gone are the days of just relying on doing some basic On-page SEO and firing loads of article backlinks and social bookmarks at your webpages and enjoying front page rankings for decent traffic keywords.
And you can forget about chasing after pipe dreams of magic software that will make money for you at the click of your mouse, do people really believe that stuff!?!
Plus the average online marketer can't afford to lose their shirt to Google, paying sky high prices for adwords clicks either.

Massive Waves of Free Traffic
SEO traffic is THE BEST way to get stable, highly targeted traffic to any site, and when you get your hands on our Master Blueprint, you skip out all the hard work and fast track your success!!
Most online marketers suck at SEO, and just guess their way through, trying anything and everything they can think of to get top Google rankings. However, if you really want to dominate the search engines, you NEED to do SEO like the Professionals...
Who do you think would be the best kind of folks to learn professional SEO from and get top search engines rankings?
Guys that get more than 200,000 free search engines visitors a month to their sites
...with over 750+ sites ranking in Google, that they regularly monitor and run experiments on so they know first hand what actually works and what's just untested SEO gossip...
...who've generated over 1 Million Dollars Online in the past 12 months alone...
While you think about that for a moment, check out some of our traffic stats below...
...and here's another screen shot of some rankings that we hold...

...3rd in Google USA for "Affiliate Marketing" which gets 27,000 Exact Match searches a month, & is highly competitive too!

...6th in Google UK for "Make Money Online" which gets 22,000 Exact Match searches a month, & this one took us only THREE WEEKS to get the ranking which we can verify with our PROOF video further below!

The truth is, we have loads of rankings just like these.
Google always makes changes to the way they rank pages, one big change for 2011 was the Google Panda update. What I find most amusing about these changes is that virtually all our sites only went up in traffic and not down!!
We don't care when Google does a change, as our sites always stay at the top...
...when you know what Google wants, and you continually give them that, then you can't lose. It's the fly by night, one hit wonder, SEO marketers that keep trying to take shortcuts that get hit hard by Google.
Whereas we just keep on cruising onwards with steady traffic, day in day out.
Here's some more proof that Google's Panda update didn't touch us. The traffic stats from the site below just kept going up and up throughout early 2011 when the Panda struck.

SEO traffic is rock solid and brings us in regular paychecks from our many sites every month.
I've held position 1 rankings in Google for years and years, and sit back and collect the commissions from them. Check out just one account, of many of ours, that makes $10,000 a month passive income below:


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